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4 Ways to Make Your Rented Property Feel Like Home

Posted on by Matthew Carter Removals

Whether you’re living in a rented property long or short term, it is important that it feels like home as much as possible. Although you might not be able to make any drastic changes, such as knocking down the walls and starting over, there are smaller things you can do. So, after you’ve checked with your landlord, here are a few easy and inexpensive ways you can make your rented home feel like your own.

Decorate The Walls

artwork on white wall

Although you might not be able to paint or apply any wallpaper and although there are some temporary adhesive alternatives, you might be better off hanging paintings and wall art instead. These can be hung with temporary attachments that don’t do any damage.

Brighten It Up

living room with natural light

As it’s unlikely you’ll be able to add any windows to create more natural light, there are a variety of other ways to increase the light within your home. A great alternative is to add mirrors around the house, this will brighten up any room and also increase light. The addition of lamps can also provide any space with aesthetic and functionality.

Add House Plants

potted plants indoors

If you don’t have a garden but miss having some outdoor space, adding house plants can help bring the outdoors inside. Although real plants would be better, they require regular maintenance and care, so fake plants work too.

Use Textiles

grey living room

Replacing flooring and carpet can be quite an expensive investment that you might not want to make in rented accommodation. So, instead, you can cover up stains or any flooring that isn’t to your liking with rugs. They can be selected in a style and theme to match almost any colour scheme and if you move, you can simply take it with you.    

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