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Reasons Why Students Should Use Self Storage

Posted on by Matthew Carter Removals

Self storage is a convenient way to store items that you don’t have space for at home, which is often the case for students when they head home for the holidays. From dorm room furniture to textbooks, when students need somewhere to store their belongings, self storage provides a cost-effective solution – whether short term over the summer, or longer term when taking a gap year or studying overseas.

With end of term deadlines approaching, the thought of moving everything home with you can be inconvenient and stressful. That’s where self storage can help.

1. Safe and secure

Monitored 24/7, self storage facilities are a secure place to store a wide variety of items, including academic paperwork and student supplies. Unlike a garage or shed, a self storage unit is clean and damp-free, so you won’t have to worry about damage while your belongings are stowed away.

2. A place to store items you don’t need

Whether you have arrived at halls to find that your room is too small for your stuff, or your shared house doesn’t have enough space, putting items into storage is a great way to keep them safe. There might be things that you don’t need while studying but don’t want to throw away, and a self storage unit can provide the perfect home for these items until you graduate.

3. Help declutter a dorm room

Student accommodation is often on the small side, and being surrounded by too much stuff can make it difficult to study or relax. If you want to declutter your dorm room or student house, many facilities offer short-term contracts, meaning you can rent the space you need term by term, or until you move to larger accommodation.

4. Convenient for international students

For international students who have even further to travel home, self storage is an affordable alternative to excess baggage fees. Whether you want to pack away winter clothing or leave textbooks and coursework somewhere safe, a storage unit will give you the peace of mind that everything is secure while you’re out of the country.

Instead of transporting all your things to and from university every summer (and filling mum and dad’s spare room with stuff), rent a local storage unit and leave your belongings close to university. Matthew Carter Removals have a storage facility not far from Oxford, so whether you are studying at The University of Oxford or Oxford Brookes, get in touch using our contact form or by calling 01865 880 874 to book your place and keep your things safe.

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