Declutter Your Home When Packing To Move

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Moving house is something that is often very stressful and although the thought of moving house is often exciting, the packing is not very enjoyable. After you’ve purchased a new property it’s time to think about packing. This is often the moment that you take a look around and realise just how much ‘stuff’ you actually have. Although packing to move is stressful, it does present a key opportunity for a declutter.


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When it comes to moving, the more time you have for preparation and packing the better. So, before you move, set aside several days, dedicated completely to decluttering, prepping and packing. If you work better in a team, it might be more productive to ask your friends and family to help. However, others work better alone and so if that’s the case, ensure you aren’t disturbed by work, children, pets or friends and family. As part of your preparation, make sure you have plenty of packing materials, such as boxes, bin bags and tape.


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Beginning the decluttering process is possibly the most difficult, we’d suggest doing one room at a time. To make the process more conceivable, start with the visible spaces, once this is cleared you’ll feel a sense of achievement. It can also make your property more appealing to buyers as a decluttered space can make a room look more airy and open.

As you pack, separate your belongings into 4 piles: keep, donate, sell and recycle/throw away. If you’re unsure or struggling to decide whether to get rid of something or not, ask yourself, “have I used this in the last 6 months?” and then,” will it have a place in my brand new home?” Anything that hasn’t been used or worn in the last 6 months, then it is unlikely you will need or use these items again. For seasonal clothing, consider how often you wore it in the previous corresponding season. All the items in good, working condition can be placed in the donate or sell piles and anything broken or no longer usable, should be placed in the throw-away or recycle pile.

Organise Paperwork



Many of us are guilty of having a drawer filled with old paperwork you likely no longer require. So, prior to packing and moving, set some time aside to go through all of it, shredding any old and sensitive documents. Any important records can be separated and filed safely ready to be relocated.

Continue To Declutter

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Once you are in your new home and beginning to unpack, ask yourself if you really need everything that you are unpacking. Your new home will feel a lot more spacious if you aren’t filling cupboards and shelving with items that won’t be seen or used again for a long time. Be ruthless and discard the items that aren’t needed.

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