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How To Relocate A Business Effectively 

Posted on by Matthew Carter Removals

No matter the industry, relocating your business can be quite the challenge and will require significant planning, time and effort. So, at Matthew Carter Removals, we’ve put together a list of our top tips to help make your move quick, easy and effective.

Plan Early

As simple as it sounds, creating a well-detailed plan is a great way to reduce the chances of any confusion and highlighting any key dates to streamline the process. Creating a physical timeline for your moving process can keep everyone within the business up to date and aware of all changes, as and when they are due to happen.

Choosing Movers

Unlike a home move, business moves can require a lot of large pieces of furniture and delicate equipment which will need to be moved safely to your new location. We’d recommend choosing a local, highly rated moving company, who specialise in business moves as they are much more prepared and aware of the task at hand. Also, once you’ve chosen and booked your movers, you’ll have a set deadline to work to.

Change All Documentation

To stop any post or deliveries going to your old address after you’ve moved, update your address prior to moving and once you have the keys to your new place. This will include any scheduled deliveries for supplies, business cards etc. Doing this early on will reduce your chances of missing any important items you are waiting to receive. 

Update Digital Space

Similarly, if your business operates any online presence with an address listed, ensure these are updated too. Check local and national directories along with any relevant business ones too. You should also update your website and social profiles with your new information too. 

Reduce Downtime

Unfortunately, it is likely that you will face some downtime for your business in order for the move to actually take place, however, keeping it to a bare minimum would be ideal. Where possible, we’d suggest organising to have this completed at your new premises before you move so it’s all ready to go.

Book Your Move

At Matthew Carters, we specialise in all kinds of moves for both domestic and commercial customers throughout Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. To book your move, call our team on 01865 880 874 or use our online contact form.

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