Tips For Moving with A Young Family

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Wherever you’re moving to, the process can be long and tiresome for everyone, however, for families with young children, it can be particularly challenging and stressful. Like adults, children deal with moving the many different ways, regardless of whether you’re staying local or moving to a completely new city, some children can handle the move with flying colours, whereas others may struggle. So, to help make the process that bit smoother, we’ve put together our top tips.

Tell Them As Early As Possible

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Once your relocation is definite, whether you’re staying local or moving further away, consider telling your family, especially young children as soon as possible. This will allow them plenty of time to get used to the idea and come around to making new friends and going to a new school if need be. It’s also a great opportunity to stir excitement and create a sense of adventure about the move.

Pack Their Stuff Last

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It can be unnerving for younger children, particularly toddlers, to see all their belongings being packed up and put away. So, allow them to pack away some of their stuff and let them select which few items should be left out until the very last minute. If they have a favourite toy, let them hold onto it until moving day, as this may bring them some comfort and familiarity. 

Take Them to Their Favourite Places

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If you’re moving out of the local area and your child(ren) have any favourite places, such as a park, prior to moving, take them there. Not only can they make more memories but they’ll appreciate the time to say goodbye. For families with several young children who have different favourite places, it might be better to schedule visits to everyone’s favourite places in the build-up to the big day.

The Timing of Your Move

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In some cases, circumstances do dictate when you have to move and it can be unavoidable. However, where possible, it might be a better idea to pack up and move when children are at school, to keep them occupied. If you’ve already prepared them, they’ll be aware and more ready to come home from school to a new place.

Moving Day

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On the actual day, we’d suggest keeping their favourite belongings somewhere easily accessible and if possible unpacking their room first. This will keep them busy and occupied while you focus on the rest of the house. 

Post Move

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Although it can be difficult, try and stick to their normal daily routine. This way, your child(ren) will be able to regain their structure and normality as soon as possible and it will also help you settle into your new home too. Obviously, if you’ve moved abroad, you may be facing some jetlag and time difference, so this may be more difficult!

Booking Your Removal

If you need a local, experienced and trusted moving company to provide you complete services at Matthew Carter Removals, we specialise in all aspects of relocations, from storage and packing to moving vehicles to get you to your new home. So, if you want a free, no-obligation quote, contact us on 01865 880 874 or use our online contact form


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