Top Tips To Prepare For Moving Day

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We know moving day can be stressful and making sure everything is ready can be quite an arduous task. So, we’ve created a short and handy downloadable checklist for you to use in the lead up to the moving day. We’ve also collated some of our other key tips that you can follow to be completely prepared and make your moving day as smooth as possible.  

Charge All Your Electronics Beforehand

phone on charge

The day or night before, make sure all your electronics are charged, including any spare batteries or power bars too. To be on the safe side make sure that any important phone numbers are saved in someone else’s phone and you have a written copy somewhere as a backup.

The Essentials Box

essentials box

Pack an essentials box that can be unpacked straight away and keep you going throughout the moving process. We’d recommend packing toilet roll, recycling and rubbish bags, cutlery and plates for every member of the family, (even plastic ones would do), soap, tea/coffee, scissors etc. The last thing you want to be doing is rummaging through boxes and suitcases to find pyjamas and toothbrushes, so pack a personal overnight bag with all the essentials.

Take Pictures


Taking pictures of the back of all your electrical items before you remove the wires will save you time and effort when you’re reassembling. Photographs on your phone will give you a quick and easily accessible reference point and you’ll know which wires relate to each item.

Make Lists

make lists

Create clear and concise lists for practically everything. Even if you label the boxes, it’s good to number them and keep an inventory of which box belongs to each room, including how many there are for every room. This might sound a little far fetched but the details will make the allocation of boxes much easier.

Our short and condensed checklist breaks down the key things to do from a month before the move. Click here to download your copy. 

Organise The Family


If you’re moving with young children and pets, their safety is going to be your top priority. It would be a good idea to keep them away from the relocation commotion, that way you aren’t spending your time worrying about their safety.

Contact Us

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